Busch Garden

This is another reblog but I thought you may like to see why these crocks are so dangerous.

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16 Responses to Uh…

  1. Brenda says:

    Ouch. Those are some big, bad teeth you have, Grandma.

    • You better believe it! Scary. Realllllly scary.

      • Brenda says:

        Crocs are worse than wolves! Eeek!

      • Wolves are wonderful. I love them. They are so beautiful. So is this guy. We just need to avoid bing in his spot, that’s all. 🙂 We don’t have either of them in Chicago, so they aren’t a problem. We do have coyotes, however. But I’ve only seen one and I’m in a suburb. He was looking through my patio doors.

      • Brenda says:

        We have coyotes, but they avoid tall people like me. They try to carry off toy dogs, though. Frankly, crocs are a good reason to not live in So. Florida. As for wolves, only a matter of time before they head east as long as the packs in the west are protected. They will spread.

      • I just saw a PBS program on how wolves, that a are protected and repopulated into areas, have helped the environment. Environmentalists and scientists couldn’t believe how the wolves turned a horrible situation into one of balance and health. Everyone was so excited and happy. They said without the wolves the environment would be a disaster they couldn’t stop. The wolves cleaned everything up and there are no more problems with the other animals or the water and earth itself. They are beautiful and wonderful animals. We need them. They keep things in check.

      • Brenda says:

        Fascinating. I’m not a wolf-hunting advocate, I’m just realistic about them spreading. It’s simple biology that if they successfully re-establish, they will spread. It’s only a matter of time. I wonder how the wolves clean things up. That’s fascinating.

      • They kept large animals in check so the grass and flowers started coming back (overgrazing) . Because of their packs, the ground soil stopped running into the water supply and the water because clean again. Birds came back and so did insects. The ecosystem regained strength and things started growing and the animals that were taking over, in the wolves absence, had hunted other animals to almost nothing. The wolves don’t do that so the other animals started coming back as well and balance was restored all because of the wolves. They are like the earth keepers. Scientists and ecologists had been trying for years to stop the destruction and a couple of wolf packs took care of it. The scientists and ecologists had no luck at all.

      • Brenda says:

        That is fascinating. Like an anime movie I saw recently where the boy learned from the fox how to care for the earth because he had no wolf to learn from after his father died. It was Wolf Children. I had to look it up. My kids and I really liked it.

      • They are the caretakers.:)

      • Brenda says:

        As we should be.

      • As we should be, but aren’t. Unfortunately, the animals are better at most things than we are. We are good at destroying things, they live WITH nature, we do not.

      • Brenda says:

        Sad but true.

  2. laurie27wsmith says:

    A living fossil designed for one purpose, killing and reproducing. I avoid them whenever possible.

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