Art and the philosophy of life



She moves through the night, unseen, unheard.  Her rage, at injustice, gives her wings.  Her sword cuts true.  She lingers in those places where violence and abuse take place, waiting for her moment to strike.  She sees all and knows all.  Her Guardianship gives her direction and leads her to those who destroy the lives of others, physically and mentally.  She lurks in dark doorways, listening for the cries of those who cannot defend themselves.  She never hesitates, knowing that her magic cannot be used against the innocent.  Children hide under beds and in closets, desperate to get away from grasping hands.  People cry and beg for mercy.  Animals cower in terror.  The night exposes violence, the hatred that some humans have for each other and for every living thing  The Guardian, infused with unearthly power, levels the playing field.  People can feel her, in the darkness, as she brushes her dark hand against their cheeks, assuring them that the end of their torment has arrived.

Comments on: "SHE" (5)

  1. I love the stars in her eyes. And the stars in yours!

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