Melanie wanted to know what a Garna looked like.  Garna’s are cat like in every respect, however, when in “war” mode, they look more like small, heavily equipped, armored tanks.  Their back feet are quite long, because when attacking, the Garna holds onto her prey with her front claws and tears the body apart, using her strong  back legs and razor sharp claws.  Her coat can be soft and smooth or hard and knife like.  The spots on her coat will darken as she ages and her stripes will increase.  This Garna is young,  young being relative, since they seem to live forever.  They are almost impossible to kill.  They are vicious in battle but sweet and protective when with those they love.  They have excellent hearing and vision and they can go for days without food.  Their claws turn bright red as they mature and the dots disappear with time.  Once they find a partner to work with, “bonding,” takes place and the Garna will do whatever she must to keep her partner safe.  After the alliance is formed, the two are never apart.  Garna mating occurs once a year and some of the males survive.  If a female Garna chooses to mate she will normally produce one offspring,  The offspring will stay with her for approximately one earth year, after which, the offspring will find a partner and start working.   Garna’s are hunters and Guardians, who normally work with female GUARDIANS, keeping order in the Universe. They are dedicated to protecting any species in trouble..  Garna’s become telepathic, once they are paired with their GUARDIANS.  Garna’s can leap huge distances and have been known to swim for hours at a time, depending on what they are swimming IN, of course.  They are well suited to traveling the Universe and are at ease on any moon, planet or star.  And they will eat just about anything.  Garna’s work only with GUARDIANS who do not travel to earth.   They cannot control their bloodlust when they are on earth because of the massive amounts of violence.  They are far better suited to the outer planets and their satellites, where they can usually tell who the enemy is.  In times of stress they turn a very dark blue and breath fire.  They heal quickly and their saliva can heal their partner, if necessary.  The Garna are loyal, trustworthy, gentle and kind when they are around the right beings.  This Garna is called Seven.

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4 Responses to Garna/SHE

  1. oh, i want one of those Sis, she looks dragon like. are those wings?

    • She does look like a dragon:) I’ll paint her in her non-war look, when she’s more cat like. No, those aren’t wings, they’re razor sharp blades. She’s a fighting machine, when in war mode. I would like a Gana too, but she won’t come to earth. 🙂 Hugs.

  2. Oh! She is magnificient! Thank you so much 🙂

  3. LOL I had no idea that’s what she looked like. I couldn’t believe how she turned out. LOL that’s the fun of drawing…I’m not really in charge.

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