Quick drawing


She ran through the forest, her feet, barely touching the ground.  Her spiritual wings fluttered gracefully behind her, as she jumped over downed branches and large moss covered rocks.  She felt the wind pacing her, pushing against her side.  The birds sang greetings as she passed.  Small animals appeared, drawn by her speed and the love that poured from her heart.  She laughed and slowed to a walk, hands on hips. Pulling a small bag of corn, seed and bread, from a pouch she wore around her waist, she sat on the ground and leaned against an ancient tree.  She smiled and whispered words of gratitude to the tree and felt a peaceful response of welcome flow through her.  The animals came forward and she fed them, petting those who reached for her.  Pushing her black hair out of her eyes, she inhaled deeply, taking in the earthy scent of the woods.  Then she drew magical symbols in the dirt with her finger, symbols of protection, symbols that would make the forest invisible, so that humans would never find it and destroy paradise, once and for all.  She took her knife and sliced into her palm, allowing three drops of blood to fall onto her finished work.  She felt the spell snap into place.  Saying her farewells, she simply faded away, leaving only the perfect beauty of nature behind.

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8 Responses to SHE

  1. Beautiful and powerful. Love this so much.

  2. What a treat this painting and poem. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful painting and beautiful written. Happy New Year 🙂 Pawkiss 🙂

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