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6 Responses to Button

  1. omtatjuan says:

    I love your buttons!

  2. Thank you…I’ve been picking them up for years and years.

  3. bwcarey says:

    ignorance is wonderful, allows you forget everything, amen

    • Unfortunately, for some I think it just makes life a little easier because they feel helpless and hopeless to make any changes in policy and they get tired of all the bad news poisoning their lives. Our society has turned into a fear based culture which makes it’s easier for the status quo, religions, government, establishment to control people and it allows them to do whatever they want to do. People can’t enjoy food…it will kill us for any number of reasons…everyone is out to attack us or kill us so we will make air travel impossible and PUT CAMERAS ON EVERY CORNER SO THEY CAN WATCH US EVERY MINUTED OF THE DAY…our cars are monitored, so are our phones. Big Brother is bigger than Orwell ever imagined. No good news just terrible things constantly…disease, misery, death, threat. No dreams, just misery. Fearful people don’t fight back. Makes it easier for the bad guys (we pay) to do their dirty dealing and make their money because Greed is the big issue behind everything. Freedom is quickly becoming a thing of the past. That’s hard for people to face…they don’t want to believe it’s happening so they don’t look.

      • bwcarey says:

        you describe the mood of many, almost all, but not I, and others like us, but take heart, God is real, it’s timing. I have proof of the divine, and he’s back in the game, and when we love unconditionally, he responds. as for all the warnings we got, from orwell and so many others, they were given to us, to wake us up to what is happening or what would happen if we didn’t act. I guess those of us, like yourself, are lucky, in that we did not get dragged into their game. you write very well an you say it razor sharp, hope the days is going as you hope, put on a smile, you got talent and insight, amen

  4. Everyone does what they can, or what they have to do, in order to get through life. People believe in gods and other things and some people don’t…we just make everything up and believe what we need to believe to stay alive and be as happy as we can be, while trying to get through each day. None of it’s real except to each individual and what they believe to be real. Reality is individual and personal…there is nothing else.

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