The song….

the woman stood beneath the moon
Her voice was loud and strong
She sang out to the Universe
Her old familiar song
She sang of pain and sacrifice
She watched the dancing flame
she sang of joy and peace and love
She sang of wind and rain
She sang of death
She sang of life
Her voice was growing hoarse
She held Her vision in Her mind
and bravely held Her course
The animals gathered ’round Her
they knew Her heart was true
they trusted Her to include them
in all that She would do
She picked up Her sweet Willow branch
and held it to Her chest
She looked into Her water mirror
and knew She’d done Her best
She opened up the circle wide
and let the day begin
knowing all that would be holy
was all that She’d let in

Blessed Be

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11 Responses to The song….

  1. Contemplative and serene. Excellent.

  2. what a perfect poem this is hitandrun, the tempo,
    the rich imagery and unforced natural rhyme!
    i’ve never written anything in rhyme before,
    i might have to try it after reading this.

    ty for the inspiration!

  3. Thank you. I’m so happy that you liked it. I look forward to reading ANYTHING you write. You are such a gifted artist and I’m not just saying hat because you are my adopted brother:)

    • well, i love being adopted by you. makes me feel so secure. ya know, i never receive notifications of your replies, does that happen to you? WP is driving me a little nuts lately.

      • Sometimes. I don’t understand WP but things get all mixed up, that’s for sure. My reply to you is always the same. I think you’re wonderful, fabulous and incredibly talented. I love your work and look forward to each post. You’re family…one I picked out myself. I hope the WP problems clear up soon. A lot of people are having trouble right now. Many hugs and good wishes and energy for a great weekend.

  4. Amazing. True. Wonderful. Love 🙂

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