Nightlife Sucks

I am co-writing another story (vampire), with blogger bgbowers.  I am writing the odd numbered chapters and she is writing the even numbered chapters.  Please click on her blog to read her chapters. Thank you.


“You bitch,” I screamed, although the sound was deadened by the rush of air as we flew through the night.  “I will tear out your heart, push it down your throat,  remove your head and set you on fire.  I will roast fat, white marshmallows over your burning body and then I will give your ashes to the demon hounds of hell.  They’re friends of mind.”

“Oh, do shut up Lily,” said Serpentine, directly into Lily’s mind.  “Someone had to rescue you from yourself.”

“You killed the people I cared about.”

“They were cattle.  Mere animals.  You can’t actually care about your food, silly girl.”

Lily struggled but she couldn’t move.  “Who are you?”

” Ah, here we are,” said Serpentine, smiling.  “Do be a good little vampire, will you.  Don’t embarrass yourself in front of the grownups.”

“I’m revising my original plan.  I’m going to stake you and then set you on fire so that you can feel the flames burning through your hideous flesh.”

“Yes, yes, whatever you say,” sighed Serpentine, landing gently on the front steps of a suburban home.

“A white picket fence?”

Serpentine brushed off her black silk blouse and black linen pants.  she shook out her hair and turned to me.  “Seriously, dear, good behavior.”

I smiled at her and kicked the door so hard that it flew off it’s hinges and landed inside the house.  “Hey, VAMPIRES, we’re hooooome!

The bitch sighed and followed me inside.

“Lily?” said the man rushing toward me from kitchen.  “I’m so happy to see you again,” he whispered, engulfing me in a giant hug.

“Get off of me,” I yelped, pushing at him.

“It’s me, James, James Farrow.  I used to live next door to you when we pretended to go to high school.”

“Jimmy?” I said taken back.  “What the hell is going on and this bitch,” I said, glaring at Serpentine, is going to die.”

“Oh, there was a coup and I’m the new King of this part of the country,” he said easily.

“What?  When did this happen?  Where’s Thomas?”

‘It happened last night and Thomas is, well, dead.”

“You killed Thomas?”

“No, of course not.  My sister did.  And your friends from the bar are going to be fine,” said James, happily.  “I know how you always loved your pets, so I had a crew go in and turn a few of them after you were picked up.”

“You what?”

“I thought you would be happy.”

“Excuse me a second,” I said, picking up the spindly chair in the hallway, smashing it against the wall and sending the nice sharp leg right through Serpentine’s heart.  “Bet you didn’t see that coming did you Serp?”

The woman looked at me and began pulling the stake out with two hands.  That’s when I pulled my switch bland out and cut her throat.  She dropped to the floor and I stomped on the stake, making sure that it went all the way through.  I cut her head all the way off and threw it into the front yard, then I turned to James.  “What’s a girl gotta do to get a drink around here?”

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8 Responses to Nightlife Sucks

  1. Carrie says:

    I love the collaborations you guys do! Looking forward to the next chapter/s! 🙂

    • Thank you very much. We do not know what the other person is going to write so that makes it fun and exciting. No planning…just writing off the cuff. Happy to hear that you enjoy it. Thank you again.:)

  2. Wow that escalated quickly 🙂

  3. bgbowers says:

    My girl’s not going down that easy….LOL! Number 4 is up 🙂

  4. Keavaa says:

    Serpentine, nooooooo…

  5. LOL I’ll get her, one way or another.

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