The Target 10

For all even chapters please go to B.G. Bowers blog:  bgbowers  This is a joint writing project.

I knew Kat was alive.  I would have felt it if she were no longer on this plane,” I said. “I’m hoping, since this is where he was taking me, this is where they are holding Kat.”

“He wants Underground,” said Jet.  “He needs both of you.  She is here.”

“Let’s go into this house.  I need to do something.”

“Okay,” said Jet, quickly picking the lock.

Once inside I laid out the necessary supplies.  I sealed the circle, lit the candles, and poured clear water into the goblet.  I cut my thumb and dripped three drops of blood onto a white napkin. Then I closed my eyes and sent out my  gift.

“All done?” asked Jet, happily, when I walked into the room.

“Yes.  I know where she is and she knows that I’m coming for her.  I’m going Jump to where they are holding her, so you will have to wait here.”

“Come with,” said Jet.

“No.  I can’t take you and bring her back.  I will need you to be ready to fight if I need help on the return trip.”


“I’m going now,” I said, sticking weapons into my clothing wherever they would fit. “They won’t expect me this early in the day.  If I’m not back in one hour, take the boat and go.”

“Will wait for you.”

“If I’m not back in an hour, I won’t be back at all.  Just go.”

“Okay,” said Jet, nodding.  “You have good luck Z.”

“Thank you Jet, now look away.”  As he turned his body I set the spell,  slit reality with my ritual  knife, and Jumped into the next dimension.  I could see Jet standing there, looking at the wall and I hoped that he would would escape if the Jump went sour.  I took a good look around and walked through time and space into the house where my sister was being held.

“When do you think this deal is going down?” asked a large, square man sitting outside my sister’s door.

“Who knows?,” answered a tired looking woman. “I thought it would be over by now.”

I slipped into the room, and saw my sister sitting in a chair.  She looked tired and thin but nodded to me and reached through the slit to grab my hand.  Just as I caught her, the door to the room opened.  The Boss stood there, his mouth open, and the first bullet hit his chest.  I pulled my sister into the time slit and got off two more shots before I sealed the tear.

“Let’s go,” I said to Kat.  “Nice to see you again.”

Kat laughed and threw herself into my arms.  “I hope he’s dead.”

“So do I but right now I’ll take slowing him down.”  And then we heard a tear behind us.  “They’re Jumping,” I whispered, making a quick slit into the dimension next to the one we were riding.  I put my finger to my lips and pushed Kat through, then I followed her.  We landed in the building across the street where Jet stood, armed and ready to fight.

“The boat,” I said, grabbing some gear.  “Hurry.”

Kat picked up a duffel bag and Jet grabbed two.  I ran through the bushes to the dock and untied the boat.  Gunfire ensued and I saw Jet shoot the guards that had been in front of Kat’s door.  Kat leaped into the boat and Jet followed.

“Go Z,” said Kat, grabbing a rifle.  “Just go.”

We sped across the waves and I opened a Way, allowing our boat to Jump onto a placid lake surrounded by high snow covered mountains.

“Where are we?” asked Kat, looking around, her rifle sliding from her hands.

“I’m not sure,” I said.  “I didn’t take into consideration that we were together and the Jump, well, the Jump had a little more power than I expected, so….”

“You have no idea where we are, right?” asked Kat, laughing.

“Not a clue.  But look,” I said, pointing at the sky.  “Two moons.”

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  1. bgbowers says:

    That was an exciting chapter, Gigi 🙂 Number 11 is up…finally!! Sorry it’s taken me so long…xox

  2. I’ll get right on it. Thank you. Hope all is well. Never worry about time.:)

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