Message on a Windshield XVII

BGbowers and I are writing this story together.  For all even chapters please go to her blog:  bgbowers




“Talk to me,” said the Gray Man.

I sat there, picturing my brother’s broken body.  Seeing the grin on Ruby’s face, telling me that I was next.  “I need to train.”

“Agree” he nodded.  “Home,” he said, to the driver.  

I changed my clothes as soon as we arrived and spent every waking moment for the next three weeks feeding my rage and training non-stop.  My body was stronger and faster, my anger, sharper and more focused.  I used a picture of Karr’s face for target practice and Martha’s likeness was taped to my punching bag.  Every night Gray Man and I went over our plans.  Plans to blow up their headquarters, plans to kill them all, plans for revenge.  That’s what kept me going.  That’s what allowed me to stay on task…revenge.

“I think we’re ready,” I said, over breakfast.  “Let’s do this tonight.  We know they will be together in the meeting room of their new building.  Karr is mine.  I’ll try for Martha but if you get  to her first, do it.  Once they’re dead, we blow the building.”

“I’m sorry about Jasper,” said the Gray Man, looking away.  “He was a good man.” 

“Tonight is FOR Jasper.”

“They’ll be ready for us.”

“That’s why this plan is so perfect,” I said, smiling.  “They will be ready for us, after all, it’s  Martha’s birthday but they will expect us to talk and play their little games.  They won’t ever expect us to come in and just drop them.” 

The Gray Man nodded.  “William will take out Billy and Conrad, while you and I get the others.

“I can’t wait.  I love parties,” I said, grinning.  “Especially, when they’re somewhat of surprise.”

“At eight o’clock that night the gliders dropped us onto the roof of Martha’s new digs.   She was holed up in a dirty looking warehouse.   We had studied the floor plan until every detail  was etched clearly into our minds.  We also had a man on the ground who had been in and out of the place on a daily basis.  

The ground crew had taken out the exterior guards and set the C4 to blow in forty-five minutes.  Gray Man and I repelled down the building and removed the glass in the small window one floor up from the meeting room.  We had already taken the cameras off line so there was no chance that we would be seen.   We checked our camera feed.  They were all there.  Karr was at the one end  of the table and Martha was sitting directly across form him, smiling at her birthday cake.  I nodded to Gray Man.  He held up his thumb.  He would take Martha and I would Kill Karr.  I smiled at Gray Man and he smiled back as I pulled open the doors.  

“Ah,” said Karr.  “We were expect….”

I blew his head off and I heard Martha gasp, just before she took her last breath.  The others, gathered around the table, were terrified.  “Hey,” I said.  “You picked the wrong side.  I realize that you might not have known that…hell, I DIDN’T even know that until a a couple of months ago.”  The man on one end of the table smiled and it was the last thing he ever did.  The gunshot echoed through the large room and I shook my head.  “As I was saying, before I was so rudely interrupted by your co-conspirator’s death, I understand that you may have been misled but after looking through your files, I find that there was zero chance that you were clueless so, goodnight, and goodbye,”   I said, as Gray Man and I finished the job.  We had seven minutes to get out of the building so we headed for the door.  We had copies of everything we needed, thanks to the mole who, posing as a client, was able to access their files.  No need to tarry.  

The building blew on schedule.  “I wish I had thought to bring marshmallows,” I said wistfully

“I haven’t had a good marshmallow in years,” said Gray Man.  “You know this isn’t over don’t you?”  

“Yes, but I had a great time tonight,” I said happily.  “We should go out together more often.”

“I always hate those movies where people stand around talking to the bad guys so that they can get away.”

“Me too.  That’s why this plan was brilliant.  Everyone wants to explain how clever he or she is and they never think that you don’t really want to hear what they have to say.”

“I’m hungry,” said Gray Man.


“By all means.”

“Can I wear your fedora?”


“Let’s get a couple orders of fries too, okay?”

“Whatever you say.”


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2 Responses to Message on a Windshield XVII

  1. bgbowers says:

    Well done for finishing those sucker’s off! Your turn again:)

  2. LOL, I’m off to read yours now.

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